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Seattle's Premier Exterior Cleaning Company


Home maintenance is required because it makes homes presentable as well as avoiding the structure of your home deteriorating over time due to poor maintenance. Keeping moss off your roof extends your roof's life. Clean gutters avoid the clogging that causes overflow. Clean windows allow natural daylight to come into your home and provides the best form of light for vision and increases warmth in colder seasons as fall and winter. Pressure cleaning gives decks, patios, sideways and driveways, or any other surface that needs pressure washing a renewed look. Holiday lights such as christmas lights give homes more christmas sense and in general, they are beautiful to look at. People who want their house to be neat and clean can't ignore home maintenance. Luckily, you can avoid these unpleasant chores by hiring a professional local Seattle home exterior cleaning service who specializes in these services.



Roof Cleaning

PCS knows how important is the roof structure for your house, so we takecare this part very carfully. We begin by agitating any large clumps of moss with a stiff brush. Then we blow all the loose debris off the roof with a commercial grade backpack blower. We clear all the debris from the inside of the gutters and check that all the downspouts are clear.

We then apply granular zinc sulfate to the roof to kill any remaining moss. Zinc sulfate is cost effective and kills all moss within one month. It is EPA approved and won't harm your plants or siding. Rain and wind naturally wash away remaining dead moss.

Gutter Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Power Washing 

Christmas Light Decoration



Anselmo M.

Business Owner

Pro Cleaning Seattle is a family-owned and operated business. After moving to the Seattle area from San Diego I decided to start my own business in 2003. I am continuously grateful to be your choice for all of your exterior maintenance needs at both your home and business.



Michael Espitia, Maple Valley
“Anselmo was very responsive and the employee he sent was a thorough and very hard worker. He finished and 4400 sq foot house doing an partial roof clean and all of the windows and gutters (inside and out), by himself. I would definitely hire Pro Cleaning again.”
David Jones, Sammamish
“Excellent service! we have used many other contractors to clean our windows, roof and gutters before but Pro Cleaning did an amazing job. Our windows looked amazing and our roof and gutters were properly cleaned. I would highly recommend this company”
Rhonda Voiles, Federal Way
“It's a rental property so I have not seen it but some people that has gone by it, said it looked really good. The person I talked to was friendly and they were flexible. They exceeded my exceptions. I didn't realize they was gonna put moss treatment on. I was happy about that.”
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